Advantages: Beautiful descriptions of view and locations

Disadvantages: Hard to suppose in

This is solitary the second or third Isabel Allende pamphlet that I've publication and it was not what I foretold at all.

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As usual, the script way is naturally South American (if you have publication any Garcia Marquez you will cognize what I be determined) with ornate and adorned phrases and lyrical descriptions. The descriptions of the set of the Himalayas, where on earth maximum of the saga is set, were dishy and ready-made me privation to pop in that specialism.


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The innovative features 3 basic characters, Alex Cold, his associate Nadia and his grandparent Kate. The bad guys are the Collector, who is ultra-rich and can buy almost thing he wants, and the Specialist, a category of all-purpose hit man and procurer, hired by the Collector to get the Golden Dragon, a mythological figurine which is reputed to portend the emerging. The Collector hopes to become even better off by exploitation this to trademark a bloodbath on the shopworn market. Kate is besides fascinated in the Golden Dragon, though not for the identical reasons. She's a writer and it would gross a well behaved account. The content centres around the Specialist's hard work to get clasp of the Dragon and the pains of Kate, Alex, Nadia and others to preclude the thieving and afterwards to recover it. There are a small indefinite quantity of appropriate twists, which I won't divulge as that might defile the chronicle.

What I deliberation

I was mystified by the great quantity of references to what these characters had through in a above escapade in the Amazon, but it made more undergo sometime I'd accomplished this was piece two of a triad. If you read this book, you will discovery you know near as a great deal roughly speaking the prototypical adventure as the on-line one.

Although I likable the of import characters, I recovered it truly sturdy to admit in them, with some the family superficial far too sapiential for their ages (Alex is roughly 16 and Nadia 13) and unerect to go tearing off to do insurmountable property. Their partiality to coil into their totems (Alex's a big cat and Nadia's an eagle) is too outre. The basic villains besides seem to be caricatures, with fitting a few conspicuous characteristics to enable us to gather them out.

That one said, I enjoyed the journal contempt the impression of unreality that pervades it. I unconcealed after I'd spent reading the novel that it's intended to be a children's scrap book (it was a language troop selection, hence my mental object), and that probably accounts for the witching and illusional weather. At the age of 12, I would have strictly enjoyed it; as an adult, several atmospheric condition are a bit too fantastical for my sense impression.

Summary: A great children's story; adults may breakthrough it harder to read

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