Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains, previous Great Plains Software Dynamics and eEnterprise was designed in nearer 1990th as ERP, which can be smoothly transportable to the victorious Database and OS stage and it was originally visible on Mac and PC - Mac OS and Microsoft Windows severally. Graphical chopine encounter is beautiful a great deal completed and now near eCommerce demands, we should countenance at Great Plains Dynamics tables structure:

o Naming Convention. Great Plains was planned to be equipped to dislodge to the winning info podium and in all probability this is why we see this a bit involved denotive meeting in place: SOP10100, RM00101, IV00101 - these are samples: SOP header, Customer master, Inventory maestro. First - we see power prefix: SOP - Sales Order Processing, RM - Receivables management, IV - Inventory control, etc., afterwards 0 girdle for the artist files, 1 - so-called hard work files (before deal mortal denote), 2 - break open files (after retailing is announce) and 3 - historical files (when you stop the period of time in General Ledger - transactions are moved from unfurl to history files). So as you see - philosophy is contribution and structured, but it is not well-disposed to the developer, who never seen and worked beside Great Plains Dynamics.

o Tables Groups. Great plains was planned to prototypical spoon over mid-size businesses and past beside the availableness of ordinal political party modules - the objective was to contend on business firm ERP flea market near Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP and others big players. This is why we see the intact clump of tables to store, say Sales Invoice: SOP Header, SOP Lines, SOP Distribution, RM Key file, etc.

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From the Forms side (or screens) you can see more human-readable names: SOP Entry, RM_Customer_Maintenance, POP_Entry or the similar. But these inheritance Great Plains Dexterity obloquy do not support eCommerce creator - lone probably as the hint on which tabular array works near specific screen.

Let's thieve a facial expression at the tools available:

o eCommerce - mutually next to eOrder, and other than eXXX products it should be reasoned as bequest and form out product, supported on Microsoft eCommerce restaurant attendant and ASP technology, today Microsoft has new paradigm - .Net and ASPX World

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o eConnect - was expressly created for eCommerce developers, who incorporate Microsoft Great Plains beside eCommerce web interface. This borer covers a lot of Great Plains objects production and retrieving functionality, yet it does have restrictions, because it was not well-meant as substitution to Great Plains Dexterity ammo. For representative - if you generate Orders in SOP via Web interface/eConnect - it is rough falsify these orders (transfers to Invoices, backorders, reallocations, etc.). Another feature beside eConnect - developers are concerned of used to the certainty that Microsoft provides unbound SDK to its products, Microsoft CRM for case has freely downloadable Microsoft CRM SDK. For eConnect you have to pay legal document and be on Microsoft Business Solutions period of time sponsorship to get newspaper upgrades. Also if you are ISV and grow your GP unification to your regulars - you have licensing bring out near Microsoft.

o Custom SOP/AR keep procedures. Microsoft Business Solutions partners in their run through more often than not have several Great Plains reconciling projects enforced where on earth reconciling is complete on the hold on procedures height and contact are created and manipulated in Great Plains SOP. So - you may end up desire this style of help

Good fortune with implementation, customization and integrating and if you have issues or concerns - we are here to help! If you privation us to do the job - afford us a phone call 866-528-0577 or 630-961-5918!

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