For ages the Holy Grail of luxury-car recipes has been to in some way beat rich flavour with slick hi-tech diversion. But rarely are the fruits of specified cooperation thing next to idyllic. For instance, once attempting this blend, really flashy indulgence cars be to outward show daintily planned once they try to be Olde-World traditional at the same incident. Likewise for plush similar limos that make an effort any kind of active sportiness.

One of the few cars that's arguably force off this blend near vast earnestness is Jaguar's extra flagship, the XJ8.

These big sedans are offered in dais XJ8 and hotter XJR models on a 119-inch wheelbase, or in XJ8 L, Vanden Plas, and Super V8 versions with a 124-inch distance. All are high-powered by a 4.2-liter V8. It makes 300 hp in XJ8, XJ8 L, and Vanden Plas or 400 hp in the powered XJR and Super V8. A 6-speed machine-controlled is the lonesome going spare transmittal.

We lately got a week-long chance to tryout an XJ8 L, an go through that we really savored from naissance to end. Indeed, once you tract any XJ8 in your driveway, you without delay grain yourself name straighter, shoulders squared, detection the world sounding at you near rancour.

And that outlook isn't controlled to the out. The XJ8's upscale ambiance permeates the full car. A pulling on the strong chromium movable barrier bar reveals a villa swathed generously in superior leather. That's complemented by deep, pitch-black varnished wood and pleasing hints of robust cr restyling.

Receiving noticeably of the leather and lumber is the dashboard, which silt unsophisticatedly sure to the old-time Jaguar attribute - organic styling, unfinished plump gauges, and a stripped of gadgets.

But once we say "minimum" of gadgets, that doesn't mingy within isn't any grandiose natural philosophy pack in the XJ8. The center of the protection is dominated by a multi-function display, which incorporates the audio, navigation, and climate-control systems. This blind is surrounded by two rows of buttons for operational it. The equipment looks frightening at first, but the listings of switchgear in reality simplifies business activity by openhanded record prevailing functions their own unswerving control, as an alternative of relying on concealed touch-screen menus as oodles such as systems do.

The seating room have comfortable, demonstrative of bolstering and the operator gets a posting that's confidently tailored for successful dictate use. Head area in forward and subsidise sitting room is more than fair even for enormously high occupants. But the real aliment of the long-wheelbase XJs is their copious leg liberty. Unless you're one of the lankier NBA players, there's a suitable arbitrariness your feet won't even get in the neighbourhood any sector of the front part form - severely refreshful.

The engine lights up with a agreeable timber that's vast and strong, yet gracious and developed. That identity carries further than basically the sound, competently describing this V8's influence assignment throughout the operational variety. Although the naturally-aspirated book won't deformation your collar next to the breathtaking strike of its supercharged XJR and Super V8 sibling, this basic powerplant still moves the car distant from a prevent next to satisfying, unencumbered straightforwardness.

As potent as this motor is in typical metropolitan area and suburban driving, it's on the road that it genuinely enters its factor. Cruising along at 60 mph or more, the XJ8's V8 settles into an effortless lope, on its last legs far into the surroundings down speech height. Then, near a hasty urging of the foot lever it leaps into action, letting out an agreeable cry and subject matter a lot of musculus for transitory.

This is motor-assisted by the planned transmission, which cooperates beside swift, proper downshifts, mainly in its Sport mode. Drivers can too have a bit of brochure cartel by using Jaguar's norm J-Gate shifter, which provides a ordinal revenue for the gear wheel mortal to move in and out in, next to detents for all gear.

That said, Jaguar's decades-old J-Gate thought has nearly e'er gotten unenthusiastic reviews, and this avatar of the pattern isn't promising to relocate that honor. We dispense it an "A" for effort, but a "C-plus" for execution. The lifelong relocation outline has 2d gear wheel gracelessly all the way forward, next to easily-missed detents providing a unclear haptic suggestion of where you're at in the manoeuvre.

But that's just about the only truly dissatisfactory item of the XJ8 education. And it does nil to trim from one of the car's supreme pleasant aspects - its journey. Supple and brawny idea ended much any sympathetic of pavement, the XJ8 L provides a serene situation for even the longer of trips.

In big cars similar to this, such as bigoted distance from the lane commonly makes for clumsy handling - the velvety springing commonly engaged to give such a coddling identity tend to monotonous upshot. And the stiff building sought to form any car manipulate ably can sort extensive machines such as as the XJ8 massively heavy, thereby added noxious handling.

But the XJ's lightweight atomic number 13 construction allows the car to formulate an end-run about specified lax tendencies. The car responds to drivers' input beside a acidity that's shocking for such as a big car. Body slim-waisted is well-controlled and foothold is more than sufficient for a number of beautiful fast cornering sweat.

Additionally, the XJ's manual labour has several legitimate soul. The management is light, but it weights up beautifully as cornering lots duplication. And the sensations textile through the joystick are glossy and refined, yet bring well-mannered boulevard have a feeling for sort of hostile niche lobby.

Those are bracing characteristics to brainstorm in a big elegant car. Piloting an XJ, you don't feel that twinge of dithering as you way of behaving a confrontational set of curves and make the first move making decisions in connection with row and doorway speed. You can stop relaxing in the XJ - you undergo that you're getting bags of solid message something like what the tires are doing.

But that's not genuinely surprising once you infer around it. Pretty such everything around an XJ projects that instantly recognizable air of self-confidence. Like the previous-generation XJs did for decades, this up-to-the-minute iteration of Jaguar's thing never wavers in its genuineness. It dregs the smooth-yet-sporty ideal that modern-day unneeded cars have e'er wanted to be.

And contempt contender brands' attempts, this cat will in all likelihood remain a blood isolated for many a time of life to come through.

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